Sunday, January 20, 2008

About Me

Ayla Serenemoon Israel, MA

A Mennonite boy from the Rheinland stepped off a boat, a Scottish sailor had a family in America as well as in Scotland and members of the Powhatan nation shad fished in the waters near modern day Maryland. What do they all have in common? Me!

Some generations removed from these people, I was born in a small town in North Eastern TN. We moved to the Southern Nevada and Southern Utah area when I was two years old. My parents had a home in Las Vegas, NV and one in Beaver, UT. I have three sisters; Lauren, Gina and Julie as well as two brothers; Freddy and Colin.

I was a curious child and happily played for many hours in the river behind our Beaver home. I attended the Las Vegas Academy of International Studies and earned a high school diploma as well as an International Studies Certificate in German and French.

My interest in foreign languages and cultures found me graduating from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a BA in German and a minor in Anthropology in 2002. In 2000 I began attending the Ancient Art Midwifery Institute and apprenticed with local midwives attending as many births as I could. Since I was a child all I had ever wanted to be was a wife and mother, midwifery seemed to me to be a calling to serve nearest to that capacity.

Partially in pursuit of a Master's degree and partially in pursuit of adventure I moved to California two years after graduating from college. Soon after arriving in California I met my wonderful husband Seth, my beloved, my soul mate for time and eternity. On our dates we walked under the stars, talked over a good meal or sometimes ventured to San Francisco with friends.

Seth loved and honored the same things I did. He had a strong commitment to family, stewardship of the earth, self sustained living and a belief that motherhood was a unique and special calling.

I gave birth to our three sons; Nykki, Ronan and Avington, all three years apart, all at home. With no midwife in attendance Papa Seth caught Ronan in the living room and Avigton in the dining room as their precious little bodies and souls slipped from my body and into this world. (See my sidebar for links to their wonderful birth stories)

During my pregnancy with Ronan my spirit was called to the other reason I was brought to California, to continue my work, exploration and glory of the Divine Feminine, our Mother in Heaven, the wife of God. So I attended New College of California at San Fransisco's Women's Spirituality Master's degree program (which moved to the Palo Alto Institute for Transpersonal Studies) and earned my Master's degree in Women's Spirituality in 2007.

My first love and priority is serving my home and family. I attachment parent with loving guidance and support from our Heavenly Parents and from my dear husband whom I sustain as my eternal partner. I home school our three boys. I teach them reading, writing, math, Spanish, German, art, music, politics, Spirit, and social responsibility using the Waldorf method. I keep my home tidy and provide three healthy, home cooked meals a day. I create sacred space and weave gladness-of-heart into my family tapestry with the guidance of the Spirit.

I am currently continuing my education in Waldorf studies through the annual "Waldorf in the Home" conference. I am a former columnist for SageWoman magazine and have written for Compleat Mother and Blessed Bee. I am a Sunstone Symposium presenter. I aspire to write fantasy sci-fi novels some day.